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Skin Cancer Detection

GV SKIN provides exceptional care by listening to your concern and spending time with you through the whole journey of skin inspection.


Skin Cancer Detection

Our highly qualified skin doctors will perform a thorough assessment of your skin. They will examine any moles, lumps or bumps with a special skin magnifying tool called a dermatoscope. This typically will take 20-30mins in checking your skin from top to toe. The use of a dermatoscope is highly effective in detecting skin cancer at an early stage and reducing the need for unnecessary skin biopsy. It is very important to get your skin checked regularly by a qualified skin doctor at least once a year. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer previously or you are at high-risk of skin cancer, you should have a skin check every few months.

Advantages of dermoscopy:
1.      Non invasive assessment tool
2.      More accurate for the diagnosis of melanoma compared to naked eye examination
3.      Reduces the number of unnecessary biopsies or excisions
4.      Enables the dermoscopist to detect early changes


Mole Mapping Skin Cancer Detection

FOTOFINDER ATBM MASTER – the world’s most advanced and comprehensive support in skin evaluation.

While in many other fields, Artificial Intelligence is still an abstract concept, in skin cancer prevention it has become reality! Fotofinder Mole Analyzer Pro is the pioneering software that brings AI directly to our practice.

This is a state of the art machine capable of capturing polarised photos of all skin surfaces in high definition.  The incorporated Artificial Intelligence -Mole Analyzer Pro, helps the doctor in skin lesion assessment. The utilisation of AI allows for a proper evaluation of malignancy risk. This involves mole risk assessment through AI score and the use of artificial intelligence for the assessment of lesions.

AI is fast growing and gaining recognition in dermatology. Mole Analyzer Pro is already validated and offers you technology to evaluate lesions according to the 3-point checklists, the 7-point checklist and the ABCD rule or the option to get a second opinion from an experienced world-class dermoscopists.

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