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GV Skin & Specialist Centre Shepparton strives to provide patient-centred care. We customise your skin check and treatment to suit you and your specific skin type!


Our highly qualified skin doctors will perform a thorough assessment of your skin from head to toe. They will examine any moles, lumps or bumps with a special skin magnifying tool called a dermatoscope. It is very important to get your skin checked regularly by a qualified skin doctor at least once a year. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer previously or you are at high-risk of skin cancer, you should have a skin check every few months.

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The treatment options of skin cancer can be divided into non-surgical and surgical. This is dependent on the type, the size and the location of the skin cancer.  The skin cancer doctor will discuss the appropriate treatment options for each individual case.


With the advancement of skin cancer detection technology, we have incorporated the latest machine into our practice to provide a comprehensive approach to detect skin cancer at its earliest stage. The ATBM can take photographs of all skin surfaces. It can then detect any new or changing spots by comparing the past and current photographs supported by artificial intelligence. 

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